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[17.01.2003 02:05 GMT+01:00]
Today, I want only to point out on few interesting things, which happened around X's maps.

First of all, DM-Stalwart][ gets 88% on Unreal Ops! Read full review here.

Both maps are also currently at TOP 10 of Unreal Tournament Map Rating 2003.
You can view there each map individually too and vote for your own together with possibility of including text comment:
DM-Agony][ and DM-Stalwart][ on Unreal Tournament Map Rating 2003

In the meantime, before official Epic Bonus Pack 1 will be released, Xxyz starts investigation about possible DM-StalwartXL][ remake ...
... after new textures and meshes arrive, he starts hard on creation of own map from ground up (no further details are known to me now).

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